ELG Carrs Stainless Steels
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Welcome to the NEW ELG Carrs Stainless Steels Website

Completion of a 2nd 5t HF furnace coupled with the existing unit & new switchgear will give ELG the most modern worldwide unit increasing output by 50%!

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Welcome to ELG CARRS STAINLESS STEELS a global supplier of quality raw materials and engineering products.

ELG Carrs Stainless Steels is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of contract ingots, bars, billets, forgings and large heavy wall pipes offering a vast range of qualities and sizes across the complete spectrum of Stainless, Duplex, Super Duplex and Special Steels.

Based in Sheffield, home of the steel industry within the United Kingdom and the birthplace of stainless steel in 1913, ELG Carrs Stainless Steels is part of a modern, international organisation with wide-ranging facilities. Click Here to View ELG Carrs latest Operational DVD